Your insurance and personal payment options


Emerald Elite accepts all private and long-term care insurance, as well as personal payments. We’ll work with you to review your existing policy to see which of our many services are covered so you can receive the assistance you need. Most of our clients pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Important Questions

The questions below will help you determine if the agency is legitimate and operating above board. Emerald Elite meets ALL of these requirements!

Is your agency licensed by the state?

Do you have a business license in your city?

Are your care workers bonded and/or insured?

Are your care workers legal residents of the U.S.?


The Basics

Which types of services do you provide?2019-02-05T22:21:47+00:00

• Care companion

• Personal care assistants

• Respite care

• Live-in care

Do your care workers receive regular immunizations for influenza, hepatitis B, tuberculosis, and other communicable illnesses?2019-02-05T22:21:58+00:00

• Yes, our care workers are required to have regular checkups and immunizations to ensure their health, and the health of our clients.

How do you screen your care workers?2019-02-05T22:22:08+00:00

All of our care workers must have the following:

• Level 2 background screening (which includes fingerprinting)

• Current HHA certificate or CNA license

• Social Security Card and Proof of US Citizenship or Residence

• HIV/AIDS/OSHA certificate

• Domestic Violence certificate

• Assistance with Self-Medications certificate

• Alzheimer’s/Dementia Care certificate

• Physical stating “Free of Communicable Diseases”

• FL Driver’s license with Auto Insurance

• CPR course certification

How do you retain great employees?2019-02-05T22:22:17+00:00

• Our staff lives and works in the local community and receives a range of benefits and incentives to remain with Emerald Elite, including health care benefits, vacations, and ongoing training. As a small, privately-held company, we foster a “family-like” atmosphere to encourage staff retention.

Paying for Services

What do you charge?2019-02-05T22:16:25+00:00

• Our charges are based upon the scope of services needed. We accept all major insurances, and most of our clients pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Do you accept payment from insurance companies?2019-02-05T22:17:09+00:00

• We accept all major insurances, including long-term care insurance. You may also pay for our services privately, although most of our clients pay nothing out-of-pocket.

Are your care workers employees or independent contractors?2019-02-05T22:25:14+00:00

• Our workers are employees of Emerald Eilte.

Working out the Details

Do you have guidelines or standards of conduct for your care workers?2019-02-05T22:28:35+00:00

• As a visible presence in the community, our staff is accustomed to being in the public eye. Coupled with the intensive background search and ongoing health monitoring they undergo, our care workers are held to the highest standards of conduct as representatives of Emerald Elite. Should any issues happen to arise they are handled personally by our company president, and client satisfaction is guaranteed.

Do you have consistent assignments, or will the care workers change on a regular basis?2019-02-05T22:29:18+00:00

• We prefer that our clients and care workers have an ongoing relationship, to ensure familiarity and comfort. We will make a staff change only if necessary.

What happens if my normal care worker is sick or on vacation?2019-02-05T22:29:54+00:00

• Care is always guaranteed. We never leave our clients without the care they need.

What happens if my normal care worker leaves the agency?2019-02-05T22:30:37+00:00

• Emerald Elite takes seriously our charge to care for our clients, and will ensure that appropriate staffing levels are maintained for each client.

How do you handle conflicts between a care worker and a client?2019-02-05T22:31:14+00:00

• Our goal is the comfort and care of our clients, and we strive to maintain friendly, familiar relationships. Should an issue arise it will be handled personally by our company president.

Can your employees drive my loved one to appointments or social outings?2019-02-05T22:31:53+00:00

• Yes, transportation and companionship are two of the services we provide our clients.

Can I talk to former or current clients?2019-02-05T22:32:43+00:00

• We’re happy to provide testimonials and references.

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